More than 860 million people don’t have access to electricity.

Our solar solution solves this problem by empowering entrepreneurs and their community.


sun’n’go creates positive impact by providing opportunities thanks to clean, modern and affordable energy in the off-grid areas of Malawi.

Our solution

Start with a basic module

Additional revenues

The entrepreneur buys a solar energy center that is able to charge portable batteries, which can then be used to light the community's households and charge phones.

Linkage to a formal finance

To make the purchase of the solar energy center more affordable, entrepreneurs are connected to micro-credit schemes.

Expand the center according to the community needs

Upscale of the system

The solar energy center is modular and customizable according to the community needs, while being compact and easy to build.

Diversified services

Over time, the solar energy center can provide additional services like cold storage, printing, making drinks, radio, TV, etc.

Become a distributor

Last-mile delivery

In the long term, the entrepreneur can become an intermediary for sun’n’go and tackle last-mile delivery of solar products for remote communities.

Access to capital

After repaying her/his micro-loan, improving her/his credit history, access to capital is facilitated for the entrepreneur.

We see our solution as...

A catalyst for economic growth

Our solution connects the entrepreneur to the financial system and increase her/his revenues and allow cost savings for the community members.

An enabler for positive social impacts

Using electricity at the household level is healthier and safer than the energy sources currently used (e.g. kerosene lamps, candles, etc.). Offering additional energy services to the communities opens new opportunities to increase their wellbeing.

Environmentally sound

The energy center is running entirely on solar energy and aims to replace fossil fuels in the communities, which results in a reduction of CO2 emissions.

But there’s still a lot to do

Next steps


Field study in Malawi


First prototype


First pilot project


Second pilot project

Our team

Anaïs Matthey-Junod

Project Leader

Antoine Gomez

Project Leader

Alexander Loris

Business Development

Thomas Robert

Design & Web Development

Jesus Saez

Technology development